Just a simple "Hello".

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Just a simple "Hello".

Post  DoomGeek101 on Tue Apr 23, 2013 5:16 pm


For some reason i think it's dying, But of course that's just me.

is there any chance you guys will be releasing a beta or something?


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Re: Just a simple "Hello".

Post  bcwood16 on Thu Apr 25, 2013 5:57 am

Hi DoomGeek101

Welcome to the forums, great to see another member Smile

The MOD is not dead and certainly is not dying, in fact some great progress has happened this year so far and a lot of other things in the works - yay

However, we are a very small team and progress can be slow, but the quality is top notch. Also as im sure you hear with many MODS real life can get in the way too *damn you real life* Mad

As for a pre-release/alpha/beta version or what not this may still be some way off im afraid. This is not because we are mean and like to keep people waiting, its because any released material should demonstrate the quality of the final product and be in a completed state. It would be unfair to us and you to release uncompleted assets Sad Thats no fun for anybody.

Rest assured Doom Ascension is going well. Cool

Im sure NiuHaka (Project Leader) will pop by too and say hi and some point

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Re: Just a simple "Hello".

Post  NiuHaka on Thu Apr 25, 2013 3:21 pm

Hi DoomGeek101! Welcome to the forums. I would have responded sooner but the forums stopped sending me alerts for some reason. bcwood16 had to knock down my door and throw water on my face to catch my attention.

bcwood16 said it better than i could have. The project is alive! It might seem like it is dying because everything is currently under the radar with the exception of a few blips here and there where we might respond to peoples questions in Doom Community Forums. I wish i could work on it more than i do but I'm one of those guys who fills his plate with more than he can ingest in one sit down (figuratively speaking). It looks like we could be close to a beta but there is a lot that i want to be complete before that happens. There will be videos before that happens because that way we can control what is seen and what isn't. Basically I'd want to release Episode 1 with Ascension remakes for everything that would be encountered in Vanilla Episode 1.

I know that these kinds of answers are never satisfying but rest assured this project will be released before the zombie apocalypse happens... maybe.

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Re: Just a simple "Hello".

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